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Without a real income, it's only a hobby. Let us help you change that.

Your income scales along with the amount of fans you have on social networks, so all you have to do is grow your fan base and let us take care of the rest!

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Just an overview...

Start with your Expert profile, earn Lixipoints with content and use them for rewords
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1. Build your beauty profile

A good profile helps you to attract not only your existing fan base but also new fans from Lixibox database. Click here to see how to create a good profile.

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2. Try products & Create content

Test new products at home using available Lixipoints or at our studio for FREE. Create contents via blog, reviews, video tutorials to help people learn about the new products. Guidelines for best contents are here

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3. Earn points & use them

The contents you created will be rewards with Lixipoints. Use Lixipoints to redeem to cash, buy new products and other services that help you career. List of services we offer are here